Nola’s past, my future

In the very near future, I will be visiting Europe with EF College Break — specifically London, Paris and Rome.

I’m way too excited about this upcoming trip to think about anything else right now, especially since I received my flight and hotel information today.

I want to ask if any of you readers out there know of any places I should visit in those cities, especially anything that has a historical link to Nola. I am definitely going to all the obvious attractions: the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Coloseo, etc. EF gave me a few unique suggestions which I will list below by city, let me know if they left anything awesome out!


First off, I have been to Rome and seen almost every normal attraction there — I lived there for two months. EF suggested Campo de’Fiori which I will definitely be hitting for the fruit market and clubbing, shopping on Via Del Corso, and other shopping areas which unfortunately I don’t have the money for. I already bought tickets to the Galleria Borghese because it’s my favorite. Know of anything local or off the beaten path?


I’ve never been to Paris or London and I hope to visit places in Paris that will teach me more about the history of Louisiana’s parent: France. EF suggests these attractions: Moulin Rouge (definitely going! any help on how to get tickets?), Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. I feel like there are a lot of little places I have heard about that I now can’t think of — please help with places to go!


I’m not sure if London ever had much of a connection with Nola, but I did find out that the Saints have played in the U.K. and that Nola jazz musicians traveled to London for a concert last year. Tell me if you know of any other connections. EF suggested: Harrods and Soho. I am also taking an excursion to Stonehenge and Bath.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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  1. Rebecca

    I may have told you this already, but just to remind you… when you’re visiting the Arc de Triumph, the streets go off in a five-star pattern, and all of the HUGE stores are there, such as Tiffany’s, Sephora, and some fancy schmancy purse store, where the outside of the building is actually shaped like a purse. Anyway, it’s pretty cool. Also, I think you should take a ride on a double-decker bus while you’re in London, I hear they’re decommissioning them. (this stuff may not be related to Nola, but still, check them out :P)

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