Krewes — Joining the tradition

Since I first celebrated Mardi Gras in Pensacola, I have wanted to join a Mardi Gras Krewe. The tradition of the Krewes in New Orleans is amazing and I really want to be a part of the city in that way.

However, there a lot of Krewes in New Orleans and they are pretty hard to get into.

Beads I caught at Mardi Gras 2009

Beads I caught at Mardi Gras 2009

Here is a complete list of Krewes and the 2010 Mardi Gras schedule.

I am really interested in joining the Krewe of Iris, which I’ve heard is the oldest and most traditional all-female Krewe and I think it will give me that feeling of Sisterhood that I will be missing so far from Beta Xi. However, since it is so prestigious it is hard to find out how to join — I’m pretty sure you have to be invited. I desperately want to join but first I guess I will have to seek out someone who is already a member to find out more. Please let me know if you have any information!

I found this article on how to join a Mardi Gras Krewe — but it’s only got basic information.

If there are any Krewe members out there who can give me some advice I will really appreciate it!



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2 responses to “Krewes — Joining the tradition

  1. It all depends on what kind of Krewe you’re interested in, really.

    The superkrewes are pretty much open to anybody- but if you’re looking for sisterhood, Iris and Muses are the two to be with. I’m in Muses, so not exactly impartial, but it’s the place to be, IMHO.

    Nothing against Iris, but their themes are very ‘play it safe,’ no controversy, no politics, just sort of :::yawn::: This year’s was something about what each state is known for? I think? Whereas Muses are always funny and very pointed, which is my cup of tea.

    Also, I’m kind of a throw snob, and Iris doesn’t have many specialized Krewe throws, whereas everybody looks forward to catching tons of cool Muses stuff.

    Downside is that there’s a waiting list for Muses, so it’d be a few years before you could actually ride.

    Again, nothing against Iris, just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • C Cangelosi

      Great reply. I have a question. My mother-in-law and her friend have been non-riding members of Muses for at least 5 years now. They are besides themselves that another year is here and they are still spectators. This is what brought me to this site as I was looking for ways for them to join Iris. This is not their choice but I know how much they want to ride. I am a member of Hermes and have spoken to several ladies in Iris as they parade the day after Hermes. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the Muses wait? Thanks

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