Travel tips — I need some

I am going to be traveling a lot lately — first to Europe and then to New Orleans.

First, I got interested in tips for traveling abroad — —

I have been talking a lot with the girls on my trip to Europe about jet lag. Some people have told me that staying up when you get there is the key so that you are super tired that night, but your internal clock will be reset the next morning when you wake up. However, I tried to stay up the last time I went overseas and ended up with severe physical exhaustion so that I got sick and passed out in the taxi on the way to the hotel once arriving in Italy.

So, I’m looking up some specific info from professional/experienced travelers for how to avoid jet lag. I found an excellent jet lag article on MSNBC; it suggests resetting your internal clock before leaving — interesting.

I also found these great tips from the U.S. Department of State, some of which I would never have thought of like registering with the State Dept. for free to make your life easier in the case of an emergency overseas.

I also know from personal experience to let your bank and credit card companies know you’re going overseas — it’s convenient to do this when you grab some foreign cash from the bank before leaving.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. the great affair is to move. Robert Louis Stevenson

As far as the move to New Orleans go — I have no idea how I missed this during all of my online searches the last few months, but I just found On that site I found some general tips for moving to Nola.

This link is actually a tourist site, but still has helpful information on transportation and maps.

Here are more tips for moving, including where to get boxes and what to take.

Have any more tips? Let me know!


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  1. theshrewdwanderer

    Ahhh jet lag. Being so tired and exhausted that you feel like you are wandering around in a twilight zone. Unfortunately, there is no universal rule that will cure jet lag. You have to decide how to respond to your body’s need for sleep. Most people will tell you to stay awake the first day so that you will sleep that night. But no matter what time you go to bed, your body will be out of sync the next morning. There are some cardinal rules of travel that you should always follow – and they will help your body adjust to the time difference:

    – Never stand if you can sit – Never sit if you can lie – always sleep when given the opportunity – always eat when you have the chance – and never pass up a bathroom break

    If you can memorize these and live by them while traveling, your body will thank you (and you’ll never be the one holding up the group for a bathroom, food, or nap break).

    If you’re flying to Europe from the states, try to get on a flight that will land in the morning. You can sleep all night on the plane. If you need to take a short nap in the middle of the day, don’t beat yourself up. While time abroad is precious, and I know that you want to be awake as much as possible, you have to respond to your body and take care of yourself. Trust me, being sick is never fun, but being sick while abroad is a nightmare. Your body is more prone to illness if deprived of sleep and food. So remember the rules I gave you and have a great time. If you want any more tips, feel free to send me a message – or check out my blog

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