Nola tunes

Since I’m facing an eight-hour drive to New Orleans when I move in 29 days (!), I want to make a really awesome playlist for the drive over that will get me excited about moving to the Big Easy.

My first thoughts are the obvious genres of jazz or big band, but I’m looking for some more unique stuff, like maybe songs about New Orleans that aren’t necessarily jazz.

So far, this is what I have: Big River by Johnny Cash, Born on the Bayou by Credence Clearwater Revival, Boy from New Orleans performed by Louis Armstrong, Down in New Orleans by Steppenwolf, I’m Walking to New Orleans by Fats Domino, Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan and Pearl of the Quarter by Steely Dan.

As you can see, that’s not enough for the drive, but I’m still searching other blogs’ suggestions, like this funeral playlist. I also just found this forum on songs about New Orleans on the Nola Jazz Festival site.

As far as journalistic sources go, I found this really amazing NPR audio episode of All Things Considered entitled “The Spirit of New Orleans is in Its Music” and this Rolling Stone musical tribute to New Orleans created on the anniversary of Katrina.

If you have a favorite band that’s from New Orleans, a specific album you would recommend or music that just makes you think of Louisiana, please leave a comment.

Thanks! 🙂


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