Waving to the Queen

I’m leaving for my 12-day trip to London, Paris and Rome on Wednesday and I’m really excited!

British Royal Guard

British Royal Guard

I’ve already blogged about what music I’ll be listening to on the plane, travel tips and safety, the Nola connection in Europe and what movies I’ve watched in preparation for this trip — I was a little excited, okay?

I’m even more excited now that I know one of my really good friends from high school will be in London and Paris at the same time as me. And in a very appropriate move, we are having a rendezvous at Buckingham Palace on Friday to take fun pictures with the guards.

So, in honor of our location, I thought I should educate myself on the current royal family in the U.K.

Then, I started thinking about monarchies in Nola and found out that British Royals brought Mardi Gras to a whole new standard in the ’50s by paying homage themselves to the Mardi Gras Royals:

From 1946 on, Mardi Gras grew at an exponential pace, entering a new plateau that would continue until the early 1960’s.  New krewes were being formed across the greater metropolitan areas, some for parading, others for social, civic, or benevolent purposes.  In 1956, legitimate royalty again visited New Orleans in the form of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  The royals created an international sensation when they bowed to Rex and Comus at the ball that year, marking the first time in the modern era (or perhaps of any era) when members of the Royal family paid homage to the conjured royalty of Carnival.


I guess I’ll return the favor this week — in honor of the Mardi Gras royals since I’m not one — and give a wave and a bow to the Queen Mother if I see her!


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