A talk with my hair dresser

I went to Baybridge Hair Designs in Gulf Breeze today for a trim before the big move and my stylist, Tony, has lived in New Orleans!

He told me all about how terrible the traffic is and how hard it is to find a job — tell me about it!

But he also gave me an insider tip that the best place to get your hair done in Nola is at John Jay Salons. I looked it up and it has multiple locations throughout the city and doubles as a beauty school. They also have a pretty long list of services they perform. Sounds pretty legit — I’ll have to check it out when I get there.

Anyone ever been before? If so what did you think?



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2 responses to “A talk with my hair dresser

  1. Hi there! I somehow stumbled across your blog and started reading. If you ever need to get you hair done, go to Paris Parker on Prytania. My most favorite hairdresser, Jared Landry in the world works there. He’s awesome and does a fabulous job.
    Good luck! You’ll love this city!

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