Move-in Blues

We got to New Orleans on-time and relatively unscathed today — however, we did lose a traveler on the way: my fish, GL, died when we got here.

It’s true that flushing GL wasn’t the best way to start off life in a new home, but at least he got to see it before he died.

We are about half un-packed and plan to have a fully-clean and normal-looking house by tomorrow night!

We already ventured out into the town a little bit by going to Langensteins grocery store to pick up a few needed items. I read that it’s locally owned and that’s great, but it was definitely priced much higher than Publix and didn’t offer any non-name-brand alternatives which stunk.

It may just be that I L-O-V-E Publix and am missing it already. I also miss Target — there isn’t one in the city limits of New Orleans!

It’s been a tougher move than normal, maybe because I’ve been moving my own stuff as well as spurring Wesley on to get his stuff together. (Actual scenario: I asked him to get his over-flowing garbage bags of clothes in the living room and put the clothes in them away. He did so by picking them up and placing them in the next room where I found them an hour later. Ugh!)

More trouble came when I started putting our kitchen table together. I got the table part done in about five minutes, but the first chair took an hour! We pretty much gave up and decided that could wait until tomorrow — bad idea, I know.

Going to bed (now that it’s put together and made, a process that will probably give me nightmares for weeks). More tomorrow — if I live until then.


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