Getting excited

So I finally have some things to be excited about.

I was offered a job — not really the one I was holding my breathe for but definitely a good one. All I can say is: Thank God! I hate job hunting!!

Milton Latter Memorial Library

Milton Latter Memorial Library

So, then I went about my other daily goals that I mentioned earlier hoping to complete the trifecta. First we went over to the public library nearest my apartment: the Milton Latter Memorial Library. Definitely looked closed. I’m not sure how long it has been closed, but it had a sign out front that hinted that it was still being restored after Katrina. Anyone have any more information on this library? I haven’t really started searching, but I did find the branch phone number, called it and got no answer.

Then, we went on the search for what would become “our” laundromat. We went to the Magazine Laundromat, which Tulane suggested to Wesley. Yeah. It was definitely extremely expensive. We ended up at one pretty close to the school on Maple Street. It was $1.50 per load in the washing machines (which were huge enough to hold a lot of clothes or a large comforter) and then $0.50 per 10 minutes in the dryer. Needless to say it beat the Magazine Street counterpart. Only problem: I’m not sure of its name. There was no sign, but it’s attached to a Middle-Eastern restaurant.

So here I am, Plum Street snoball in hand with clean laundry and awaiting the wonderful cable that will enter the house on Sunday thanks to my new income! Exciting!


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