Out on the town

Yesterday, I took a break from job hunting to ride the street car into town with Wesley. It definitely cleared my mind a little and eased a little bit of the stress from this week.

Me, dancing with an alligator at Riverwalk

Me, dancing with an alligator at Riverwalk

We rode the car down to Canal Street and walked around. It was hotter than I expected — I didn’t think about the fact that there is no AC on those things! But the windows were open and the breeze was nice and it only cost $2.50 for a round trip, which I don’t think is too bad considering it’s about 10 miles away.

We visited Jackson Square and the French Quarter, walked up Bourbon Street and stopped in for some PJ’s Coffee. We even walked all the way down to the Riverwalk shops and got a snoball (that wasn’t as good as the ones from Plum Street). We also went down the road to Jefferson to the Lowe’s — it was literally about a foot past the New Orleans line. We got some stuff to hang curtains because we had what may have been a “peeping tom” the other night. Which reminds me: the New Orleans cops rock!

We looked out the window around midnight the other night to unexpectedly find an older man peering through our blinds. Needless to say, I was definitely freaking out, so I called the NOPD non-emergency number. Well, the non-emergency number takes you to 9-1-1, FYI. I told them it wasn’t an emergency, but within 10 minutes, three or four cop cars and about six to eight cops were on our front lawn asking us questions about the supposed “tom” and which direction he had gone. I think the response was a little excessive, but I’m pretty impressed. At least I know that if I’m ever really in trouble, they are ready and willing to respond with full force!

Goals for today: job interview, a visit to the public library and finding a cheap laundromat. I’ll keep you updated.


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