Just a Saturday in Nawlins

Spanish Moss Voodoo dolls in the French Market

Spanish Moss Voodoo dolls in the French Market

Today, my mom came to visit. Her friend told her about the French Market downtown so we headed out there and actually found a parking spot! We saw some voodoo dolls made of Spanish moss — which Wesley’s dad loves. We also got to witness what we now know was the Red Dress Run for charity — basically women and men wearing red dresses and drinking around town.

Afterward, we walked around Jackson Square and checked out The Court of Two Sisters, a historic restaurant in the French Quarter.

We actually ended up eating at Cafe Pontalba so that we could listen to the street performers while we ate — awesome fish poboys!

On the way home, Wesley noticed that people were walking into the Milton Latter Memorial Library! I swung around and parked. It’s just closed on Fridays! We checked it out — kind of a small collection but really nice historic location and nice library attendants.

We also drove all the way out to Big Lots in Jefferson and bought a bookcase! I’m so excited to have somewhere to put all my books where they are not overflowing.

All in all, a pretty good day.


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