Rain, rain, go away

It sure has been raining a lot lately since I’ve been here in Nola so I looked up some information on whether it’s a yearly trend to rain this month or if it’s just a coincidence. It’s definitely a trend, and I found all the rain trends here.

I also read that it snows in New Orleans on occasion — although the last time snow stuck was in 1954. It did snow a little in 2004, though!

I also checked in with the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which my grandmother likes, for the rest of the year’s weather predictions. I found out that along with above-average rainfall, it predicts a colder winter than usual. It also offers some handy charts for temperature and general weather.

The more you know…


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One response to “Rain, rain, go away

  1. Charlotte

    Actually it snowed last December and stuck for a while. Here’s a few pix: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travelingmermaid/3204105697/in/set-72157600033352268/

    Also, it snowed on Christmas Day 2004. After Katrina, the local urban myth was that the snow caused the hurricane.

    Your blog is delightful! *Luv* your header. Thanks for finding me and linking and I’ll do likewise.

    Welcome to New Orleans, the greatest city in the world.

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