Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

I got to know the shopping scene around here a little better today. First, I drove down Magazine Street and checked out all the businesses that it had to offer, including the Garden District Shoe Repair, which I will be utilizing sometime soon for my heels. Then, I drove down to the Clearview Mall in Jefferson where the closest Target is. It’s a two-story Target with an escalator just for the carts! Too cool. I also visited the AMC Theatre there and saw The Time Traveler’s Wife by myself — it was the first time I’ve ever gone to a movie alone and it wasn’t terrible but not a great time either. It was a good movie, though, and I can’t wait to read it as the first selection in my new book club! After the movie, I drove down the road to Lakeside Mall and found a present for a friend’s birthday and got Wesley some Godiva chocolates for his birthday. I also found out that if you sign up for Godiva’s free rewards club, you get a free chocolate of your choice. I got the double chocolate raspberry truffle which was excellent. 🙂

Canal streetcar line in New Orleans

Canal streetcar line in New Orleans

Aside from learning about shopping in the area, I learned a lesson the hard way about streetcar tickets. I wanted to buy a month-long pass for the streetcar since I will be taking it to work. It cost $55, which is the exact same price as riding two and from work for a month. I went to Winn Dixie where they sell the tickets and asked for one, paid for it and received it. Once I got it I asked the cashier how it worked — did they stamp a date on it that marked the beginning of the 30-day validity period? Would the streetcar drive stamp it? Was I supposed to register it or write the date myself? Well, it turns out that each monthly pass is only valid for that month (so my pass actually says August on it and it will expire on Aug. 31). She wouldn’t give me my money back or trade it for a September ticket. “No refunds, returns or exchanges.” There goes $30 worth of rides down the drain. I’ll have to buy another on September 1.

To top it off, a rock flew up and cracked my windshield after I left. Perfect.

The high point of the day was definitely finding a 70%-off sale at New York and Company and getting a dress, shorts and a bathing suit cover-up for a grand total of $30!


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