Tradition! Tradition.

All I can think of right now is the “Fiddler on the Roof” song: Tradition! I love that movie.

I was talking to a new friend who lives in New Orleans this morning. She let me in on a few things I should know about the city and its traditions.

First, she suggested I go to my neighborhood association meetings. I got to the Web site and unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have updated it at all in the past year. I shot an e-mail to the president, so hopefully I’ll receive an update on the meeting times/places.

She also told me about a must-know tradition of New Orleans — Second Lining. Basically, after a jazz funeral, there is a parade celebrating the life of the departed. I can’t wait to go to one; there is one this weekend, but unfortunately I have to work. My friend also let me know about social aid parades, which are similar to second lining, but do not involve a funeral.

I may not have many friends yet, but I’m glad I have people to tell me about this stuff!



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3 responses to “Tradition! Tradition.

  1. Did she mention that 2nd lines and social aid clubs were created because many people couldn’t afford burial plots or life insurance, so they would band together and fund a social aid club to ensure they had a funeral? So many of the traditions in the South are creative ways people have addressed a lack of income (see: fried food). The cemetaries are one of my favorite parts of the history of NOLA; you can look up tons of the history online and then go visit the tombs. Many of them have crazy back stories — mistresses, stolen bodies, wars, voodoo, fighting families, you name it. The Metairie Cemetary is amazing and definitely a day trip with a picnic and a camera. You might also want to check out City Park, if you haven’t already. The Botanical Garden is beautiful, and the Park itself — like Audubon — has amazing oaks, lots of sidewalk trails, and fun picnic spaces. The art museum there is free for LA residents, and there’s a sculpture garden too, for a small donation. I love getting a sandwich/soup from Whole Foods and going down there on Sunday afternoons to feed the swans and ducks. If you are out at City Park (which is where Voodoo Festival is, btw), it’s a short drive to the shore of Lake Ponchartrain. Great place to fly a kite :).

  2. Rebecca

    Sigh now I can’t get that song out of my head. Those sound like fun things to do though! 🙂

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