The mail

No. 1: Getting mail is a great feeling. No. 2: Having the mailbox attached to the front door to maximize laziness is even better.

I am an avid reader and subscriber of GQ and I got the newest issue yesterday. I know it’s for men, but I just find that the writing and story selection is far superior to the magazine’s feminine counterparts. And let me just say: the September issue is gold. Not only does it have features on Michael Jackson, Tebow and Ryan Kwanten (this magazine is for men, right?), but they also have a guide to the top 10 drinking cities in the country that includes New Orleans. Amazing. According to the drinking guide, the drinking habit that visitors must learn from New Orleanians is daytime drinking. One they specifically mention which sounds too exciting to pass up is the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone — it actually slowly rotates!

In addition to GQ, I received my newest Netflix selection: W. If you have seen it and you know me, I you should already know I was less than pleased with it. I did think that it gave an interesting perspective to the presidency of George W. Bush, but it ended abruptly in the middle of his first term. I really think they could have at least stretched it to the ’04 elections. Maybe that’s just my thinking. Next movie coming in the mailbox: Earth.

By the way, I strongly recommend Netflix. I remember when I first saw the commercials for it and I thought that anyone who used the service was the epitome of lazy — you can’t even go to the video store?! But now I’ve seen the error of my ways and I accept that I am forever addicted to it and it is good for me: unlimited movies for a month plus free online movies is $9. Renting one movie from Blockbuster is $4.50. Enough said.

So those are my rants and praises for the day. Hope you enjoyed them — there are more to come.


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