New job and new experiences

Yesterday I found out that I got a job with as the New Orleans Book Examiner. So, that means I will be shamelessly exploiting my articles on here trying to get anyone and everyone to read them — the more article hits I get online, the more I get paid! Take a look at my articles so far.

I will be writing about local authors, book signings and releases, and community book shops. So far, I have made some great progress on my first set of stories for this week and I look forward to posting links to them here and in the side panel to the right where my Twitter feed is, so check them out!

I also got done with my first book (The Time Traveler’s Wife) for my book club back home. It was really good — more intense than the movie. Next stop: Wicked! I’ve already read it but it’s amazing and I can’t wait to re-read it.

Pepper plant bought at Crescent City Farmer's Market

Pepper plant bought at Crescent City Farmers Market

I also got to check out the Crescent City Farmers Market today. it was pretty small, but had a community feel to it, similar to the High Springs Farmer’s Market. Wesley and I each got a free apple! We also bought a hot pepper plant — we’re pretty excited about it lol.

Wesley and I finished another project yesterday that we’ve been meaning to do since we moved in. When we visited the apartment in April, there was this nice wooden lattice across the front porch kind of closing it in. When we moved in, this had been removed and place to the side of the house in a sort of alley between the building and the neighbors’ fence. We grabbed it up, dusted it off and nailed it back in place. We both think it looks much nicer and makes the house look more homey, but I do think I’m going to buy a small can of spray paint and spruce it up a little.

So for tomorrow: back to work and to return a gift that I bought in the Quarter last week — it broke on the way home. Great quality. Also will be headed to an author signing tomorrow night for my new job.


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  1. angelmcc

    I’m so glad you found a job, and it utilizes all the things you learned in school! I miss you, hope you’re enjoying life in La.!

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