I didn’t realize how much I miss Gainesville until I watched the UF vs. CSU game last night. I miss the smell of football (torn up grass and barbecue), my friends and my school. And just school in general. I didn’t realize how much of my life I ran on deadlines until I didn’t have anymore deadlines to aim for. Most of all, I miss my roommates and Sisters.

We called my last apartment the Apartment of Secrets because…well…too much went on there that was not allowed to leave the walls. Instead of repeatedly telling people — and ourselves — that we were discussing something confidential, we just decided that everything that went on in our place was a secret. We had ninja cats and Gumby’s splurges, tv show marathons and tent construction. It was great — you wouldn’t understand.

At least I’ve finally started making a few friends here in Nola. I went to see All About Steve on Friday with a new friend and Gator grad. It was pretty cute but didn’t have the ending I would have wanted, being the hopeless romantic. We saw it at the Elmwood Palace 20, which is a huge step up from the Clearview Palace 12 in my opinion. I also think it’s interesting that all the AMC theaters here are called “palace;” I wonder if it was like that in Gainesville and no one knew… Before the movie, my friend and I checked out Sushi Brothers on St. Charles Street. It was good — check out my review in In & Around Uptown.

Also, this weekend was the Southern Decadence festival downtown right near my job. So, I got to walk through it every day on my way home from work. It was interesting to say the least; I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many drag queens in one place. But the music was good and the misters and sisters who came into the restaurant were — for the most part — really nice and friendly. Let’s just put it this way: no one was hiding any “secrets” in this crowd.

Today, Wesley and I went to Hana Sushi for dinner. It was pretty good and moderately priced, but didn’t offer the free Miso soup that Sushi Brothers did.

More (bigger) secrets to be revealed later this week — get excited!


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