What is so special about this day besides the obvious novelty of having a date with only one number in it (really two if you count the zero) and the fact that it’s a big day for Beatles fans — with the release of their newly remastered albums and Beatles Rock Band?

Well I didn’t realize that it is a big day for weddings too, apparently. I haven’t seen a wedding party the entire month I’ve worked at the restaurant, but today we had two walk-in wedding parties — highly unusual. First, we had a couple who had just been married at city hall. Then, we had an entire 16-person wedding party come in their dresses and tuxedos for brunch. Highly risky to not make a reservation considering this is a pretty popular restaurant in general, and especially for its brunch.

After Google-searching the date, I found some interesting articles on CNN and Yahoo on why September 9 is such a day for celebrating this year. The CNN article describes things that people are doing today, with a specific paragraph on weddings. The Yahoo article actually mentions some “wedding specials” that city halls are offering today. I guess it’s not so unusual after all.

There’s also the release of Tim Burton’s newest movie “9” today. It’s a movie about a group of creations that a scientist gave life to. I believe the movie is based in the future when human life is over and these creatures are charged with the mission to “salvage the legacy of civilization” with the ninth creation (voice by Elijah Wood) taking the lead. Seems like it will be pretty good; different at the very least.

As for the downside of this date, the British Telegraph reports that some think 9-9-09 is the apocalypse. The article is worth a read, even if it is just for the beautiful painting of an angel in the header. However, since it’s raining like the Great Flood outside right now maybe I should take this more seriously.


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