Almost a week off

I had last Thursday, Friday and Saturday off and I got to see my family in Florida. Then after only one day of work, I had two and a half days off again! Today was my first official “day off” for this work week and I used it to clean the apartment and visit a few places around town I’ve been meaning to drop by.

Southeast Asian Mangosteen box

Southeast Asian Mangosteen box

The drive home was good, but somehow still seemed like the five-hour drive from Gainesville even though it was only three hours this time. After spending the day with the boys (my baby cousins) and having lunch with a friend, I met up with the family to welcome my Auntie home at the airport. Of course, she caught us all off guard as usual — she always ends up coming in way early while we’re all in the bathroom or eating instead of standing there waiting for her. This time, she just walked up to my mother and I as we were looking the other direction and said, “Hello?!” before my entire family came running at the sight of her from their various locations. She sometimes brings us cool little presents from the many countries she visits. This time, she brought us all mangosteens, a fruit which was dried and made into a little box that is lined with gold leaf. Her gifts are always really unique. The drive home was surprisingly dry also — I somehow dodged a massive amount of rain and got back in good time.

Southeast Asian Mangosteen box

Southeast Asian Mangosteen box

So back to today — one interesting thing I found in my cleaning was that a bottle of vitamins had melted in my car during the move. That was fun to pull apart since I can’t afford to just buy more.

I also checked out the Wild Lotus Yoga studio in Uptown today. They are offering this $7 community yoga class that is taught by recently-graduated instructors, thus the discount. I’m very excited about taking it!

After that, I stopped in at Feet First‘s Magazine Street location — such a bad idea. Loved it — but SO expensive.

I ended the day by randomly deciding to re-read the first two books in the Twilight saga so that I will be up-to-date for the movie release in November. Got about halfway through the first book before Wesley got home.


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