Weekly forecast: sunny skies

So it’s not quite my birthday week yet, but it’s close enough — I’m sure getting all the birthday happiness early.

I unexpectedly got another three-day weekend at work, but without the convenience of still getting five shifts in. I’m only working four days next week which is bad for my paycheck but good for my plans to meet Becca in Pensacola.

It’s the beach, a manicure and pecan pie for me, baby! (As long as it doesn’t rain…)

Wesley’s also going to get to see a Gainesville friend this week, so I’ll be anxiously waiting his thanks for allowing my birthday-week luck to rub off on him.

I think this is all due to us starting the week off right by going to Red Lobster yesterday. Nothing can go wrong that starts with Red Lobster.

We also tried to check out Phillips Bar last night — we call it Phillips Bar Dot Com because there is a big banner over the door that just says “Phillipsbar.com” instead of a regular bar sign. Unfortunately, we did not get to go inside because of a private party that rented out the entire venue. It’s a good thing that we can walk there from the house, because the only way they advertised the unusual closing was with a paper sign over the door. Not Web site coverage — pretty amateur. I would have been pretty pissed if we drove all the way there and found parking for that disappointment. But if at first you don’t succeed… We’re going to try again later this week.

I got X-Men Origins:Wolverine in the mail from Target on Friday and just got around to watching it — I’ve been deep into my re-reading of Twilight. Don’t judge. Anyway, I already knew I love that movie but I did something after watching it that I normally don’t do: I watched the special features. Unfortunately, there weren’t many. But I watched the “making of” which basically is all about how awesome Hugh Jackman is and how he’s the most perfect person on Earth to play Wolverine. I actually enjoyed it. Jackman ended the segment with this quote about whether or not he would play Wolverine in future X-Men movies:

“If they want some more, I’ll probably give it to ’em because I love it.”

It may be one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but I just love that quote. I do wonder how he keeps his Australian accent, though, while he does so many movies that require him to have an American accent… I literally think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him use his normal accent.

I’m sure I’ll update again before going home about whether or not my luck stays with me; stay tuned…


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