Birthday weekend!

The last three days flew by while I waited until tonight — when I could come home and pack to go to Pensacola.

I did have an epiphany at work today, though. I realized I actually read the news more often now than I did when I was in journalism school. This is because the restaurant business in New Orleans is apparently unexpectedly slow. I’m not used to this because in Florida summer is the biggest time for tourism.

I started work at my internship this week — so far I’m just updating the calendar. But I like it so far!

I got through the first three Twilight books in the last week and now I’m getting a good ways into the fourth book.

Another thing I did this week was go into the Quarter to watch the Dolphins game at a sports bar with Wesley — they were so close! We watched it at an Irish sports bar called Finnegan’s Easy, which is actually part of a chain that originated in Miami Beach. We thought it was appropriate. Look for my review in In & Around Uptown.

This weekend, I’m planning on hanging out with friends and maybe heading to the beach to see Fort Pickens — I haven’t seen it since the road re-opened earlier this year after being closed for four years following Hurricane Ivan.

I’m also planning on getting my nails done with Becca before heading to the 32nd Annual Pensacola Seafood Festival on Saturday. Looks pretty fun. We’ll see…


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