Better birthday than I thought

Me and Becca at Pensacola Beach -- Ignore her hand lol

Me and Becca at Pensacola Beach -- Ignore her hand lol

Not only did I get to go home for another three-day weekend, but I also got to see two of my best friends!

Becca came up from Gainesville and Michael got back from Iraq the day I went home.

On Friday, I got to visit Fort Pickens which has been closed since Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004. I never saw it before the hurricane, at least not that I can remember, but it seemed alright. However, it was completely run by ants which I seriously hate.

Afterward, we ate at the new sushi restaurant called Fuji in Gulf Breeze (where Cancun’s used to be). I thought it was really excellent, especially for Gulf Breeze. I did find it kind of funny that it claims to be “regarded as the best the best Japanese restaurant in Gulf Breeze Japanese restaurant in Gulf Breeze.” Maybe because it’s the only Japanese restaurant in Gulf Breeze?

When Becca got into town, we drove out to McGuire’s for their Irish Wake — last time we ate there we were passing through to Mardi Gras and couldn’t drink because we were drivers. I didn’t realize that when it got late they had dirty Irish drinking songs performed live. It was pretty funny. Worth going out to at least once.

On Saturday, we got our nails done at Nails By Lynn in Gulf Breeze. They did a decent job — nothing special — but I got acrylics and I liked how they did not file my nails down much without making them look unnatural. However, it was pretty obvious that the woman working there — the owner I think — was prejudiced against Asian people. It made it kind of awkward to try to converse with her while getting my nails done because she kept talking about racial stereotypes…

Becca eating her shark on a stick

Becca eating her shark on a stick

After getting our nails fixed, Becca and I went to the Pensacola Seafood Festival where Becca tried shark, which was excellent!

We jetted out to the beach after that, but we still missed the sun. It was totally cloudy when we got there, but the water was about 80 degrees and clear green. She wasn’t disappointed because she doesn’t know how gorgeous it normally looks.

We ended the day with my family birthday party. I got some candles, $ and the new Lady Gaga cd — I really love it, especially the song Money Honey.

It was a long drive home, especially leaving Becca and not getting to spend another day with her! Once I arrived back in New Orleans, I watched the new of SNL with Meghan Fox — I really don’t like her but the show was good. I can’t wait for this week’s show: Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga!

I also saw the new shows Flash Forward and Modern Family — I love them (especially the latter). I’m very impressed with ABC’s new fall lineup.

Yesterday, Wesley went with me to see Tyler Perry’s new movie I can do bad all by myself, because he’s a good boyfriend and knows his girlfriend likes girly movies. It was alright, but definitely my least favorite Tyler Perry movie. There were about six full-length songs in it! By the fourth I was wondering if I actually came to a music video instead of a movie! The songs were really repetitive, too.

After a long day of working at my internship today, I’m ready to finish up Twilight before serving at the restaurant for the first time tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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