Good books, girlfriends and Gators

I’m finishing up Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol today, Stacey is flying into town on Friday and then we’re going to the LSU vs. UF game on Saturday!

Dan Brown's newest novel "The Lost Symbol"

Dan Brown's newest novel "The Lost Symbol"

I am almost done reading Brown’s latest, and I have to say that I like it better than his previous books because he’s more fair to the Masons, but less because I think it’s a little less intense and exciting. I found this really great article about how the Masons feel about his books and I couldn’t agree with them more. Check out my book club’s site to see what we thought about the book.

I’m also super excited about Stacey coming into town tomorrow!! We’re going to do the Nola thing: eat Beignets by the French Market and go down Bourbon. But we’re also going to Baton Rouge.

I’ve never been to Baton Rouge, but I’m extremely excited to be going to see UF beat LSU Saturday night!! Anyone have any suggestions for things to do around the LSU campus besides tailgate?


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