Gator Bait!

Gators win! 13-3

Gators win! 13-3

After Stacey arrived in town on Friday afternoon, we headed downtown on the streetcar.

After making the usual stops at Jackson Square and Cafe du Monde, we went on the French Quarter Phantoms tour. It ended up being more historical than scary, but I liked learning about the history of New Orleans.

Saturday, we ate at Crescent City Brewhouse in the Quarter. I had a BLT made with basil and it was excellent. Check out my review in In & Around Uptown.

Later, we went and watched the Gators put a beat-down on the Tigers before walking miles back to the car in mud and mosquitos. It was worth it.

Mordor, complete with Eye of Sauron (a.k.a. Baton Rouge, LA)

Mordor, complete with Eye of Sauron (a.k.a. Baton Rouge, LA)

One thing I never realized was that Baton Rouge is Mordor. This picture is an actual factory where a huge flame is constantly being thrown between two blinking-red towers.

I finished Dan Brown’s newest book, The Lost Symbol. I liked the unexpected twist at the end, but it was no DaVinci Code.

I moved on to A.J. Jacobs’ The Guinea Pig Diaries and loved it so much that I finished it in one day! Everyone should read this book! I’m just waiting for his other book, The Year of Living Biblically, to come in the mail from

I’ll keep you updated.


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