Amazing book luck

The A.J. Jacobs trifecta -- complete

The A.J. Jacobs trifecta -- complete

After reading A.J. Jacobs’ The Guinea Pig Diaries, I immediately ordered his other book, The Year of Living Biblically from Amazon. However, I am so addicted to reading now (having read the former book in a single day) that I couldn’t wait until The Year of Living Biblically came in the mail.

I started to read Voodoo Dreams by Jewell Parker Rhodes. While I can tell this is going to be a great book, I can also tell that I’m not going to be devoting the proper amount of attention to it because I’m too upset that I’m not reading the book I want to be reading at that exact moment. Is this common or just one of my idiosyncrasies?

Long story short, I decided to put Voodoo Dreams down until I exhaust this sudden fascination with A.J. Jacobs’ writings.

So, I went on an evening quest to Barnes and Noble in the next town over to buy Jacobs’ other book, The Know-It-All.

There have been a few glimmering moments in my past when I have been in the right place at the right time. They are definitely few and far between, but today was one of them.

Outrage, Passion & Uncommon Sense

Outrage, Passion & Uncommon Sense

Barnes and Noble was having a $1 book sale. I glanced through, not expecting to find anything but my attention did get caught on one book called Outrage, Passion & Uncommon Sense. It was published by the Newseum in D.C. and National Geographic and it’s about editorial writers in the twentieth century. I took an editorial class in my last semester at UF and absolutely loved it — it was possibly the best class I took in college. I grabbed up the book and headed upstairs to buy Jacobs’ book.

Michael Gartner's signature in the $1 book I just bought

Michael Gartner's signature in the $1 book I just bought

After I got home, I whipped out the new additions to my bookcase to show Wesley. As I opened the editorial book, a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and quickly realized from my experience at The Gainesville Sun that this book was a media copy that is sent to book reviewers before the book is released to the public. Cool, right? Then, I took a better look at the inside of the book and realized its a signed copy by Michael Gartner, a past president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and a Pulitzer Prize winner for his editorials. Wow. This thing is probably worth money and is really just an extremely cool addition to my book collection, especially as someone who really loves editorial writing.

Isn’t it funny how a lucky find can turn into the star of a collection?



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3 responses to “Amazing book luck

  1. Lesia

    WOW! that is totally cool! Yay for you!

  2. Beyond cool- big time congrats!

  3. Jessica

    that is so awesome! very lucky indeed.

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