First days of work

I started at my new job as editor on Monday. It was hectic.

There was no buffer period like I have had at other jobs.

My editor on Monday morning: “Here’s some stories I would like you to do before you start laying out your section.”

Did I mention I had never used Quark (the program they layout the paper with) before that morning or that I had absolutely no contacts or phone numbers?

Anyway, I got it done. My first full section is coming out this week, but it still doesn’t feel like mine even though I wrote everything in it and laid most of it out.

Next week will be the first real week for me. I will be starting from scratch and I already have some great ideas. I’m also doing legals, which are extremely tedious and time consuming and which I have never heard of before.

Another thing I have to worry about besides new job stress is my computer. She has been extremely well-performing over the past few years (far superior to all my friends’ Dells and Gateways), but she’s dying fast. I have loved her for over four years but now her battery is completely dead forever and she makes a loud buzzing sound that is really distracting. Yos Wiranata,

Now that it’s finally time to look for a new computer, I’m thinking about going Mac. I am looking at the 13″ Macbook Pro. If anyone has any advice on this topic for me, I would appreciate it! My mind is pretty made up on getting the Mac, but no one at the store or online seems to be able to tell me what my biggest challenges are going to be as someone who is switching from a PC. I did get this pros and cons list forwarded to me from everymac on Twitter. It was semi-helpful, but I’m looking for more. This answers a lot of my compatibility questions, though.

On another note, I can’t wait to see the new South Park episode tonight: Dancing with Smurfs. The new episodes this season are so amazing I can’t even get over it. My favorite so far has been the one where Butters becomes a pimp. Wesley doesn’t like it because he thinks it’s out-of-character for him, but I disagree. He totally goes with an idea once he makes up his mind on the subject…or rather once someone else makes up his mind.

I also got the soundtrack to New Moon which is pretty good. I really like about half the songs on it, so it was worth my money. I can’t wait to see the movie on Thanksgiving weekend — the trailers look awesome. Plus, my first imported widget(!):



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2 responses to “First days of work

  1. Jamille

    Congrats on the first section… how can we read your stuff? Can we check it out online?

    So proud of you, babygirl! 😉

  2. michellestuckey

    You can find it online at — my stuff should be up by the end of the week. Just click on “lifestyles” at the top of the page 🙂

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