It’s a zoo out there

A famous white alligator

Finally made it to the Audubon Zoo on Sunday.

Read my review of it, if you like. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in it. I feel like the Audubon Society is such a major player in the animal world that I half-expected to walk into Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and for only $13!

However, I was sorry to see that many of the animals, especially the white alligator and tigers, were cramped in very small spaces and their amphibian exhibit, if you can call it that, was seriously lacking.

They did have a few more exotic creatures than most zoos, but the exhibit I enjoyed the most was the Louisiana Swamp exhibit. At least I got a look at Louisiana wildlife which no other zoo would probably go into detail about.

I saw the famous nutria and white alligators, which are almost extinct.

I also got to try the traditional Roman Chewing Candy, which was delicious — see what I wrote about them.


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One response to “It’s a zoo out there

  1. Cynthia

    Your pictures are wonderful!! Especially the alligators. Creepy!!

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