Nola dresses up for the holidays

St. Charles street car all decked out for Christmas

The first month at work has been great. It’s so much better than my last job that it’s ridiculous and I still can’t believe my luck.

I got up and shopped at 3 a.m. on Black Friday, as usual. Sarah (my cousin) and I found some great sweaters, boots and gifts. Although, I couldn’t find as much as I usually do since I’ve decided to get all New Orleans-themed gifts this year and we were shopping in Pensacola. I did get a down comforter which is amazing and later I got some Holmes space heaters which are absolutely great — but they’re much cheaper at Target than online.

I did get my first paycheck to shop with on Black Friday morning.

However, Louisiana state income tax s-u-c-k-s.

Florida doesn’t have state income tax and I never appreciated that. Now I do. Literally, a fourth of my paycheck was taken out for taxes. I had to cancel my insurance application because I won’t be able to afford it and I also had to put my Krewe of Muses application on hold until this coming Thursday when I get my second paycheck. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get my new Mac soon, but it will probably be February instead of January now.

My Christmas decorations

Back to the heaters — after we finally got warm here in this drafty, old apartment, I got down to decorating. We decided not to get a little tree because, for one, we’re poor and, for two, if we got a real one we were afraid it would draw the bugs in through all the cracks in our house. But I did put up a wreathe and a few lights (inside the house).

There was also a Christmas parade downtown that I actually missed, but will definitely go to next year. It’s put on by the Krewe of Kringle. I am not going to miss the SEC Championship, though. I’ll be watching it at Bourbon Street Blues Company, so hopefully it’ll be awesome and the Gators will win!


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