My Mac gets the first word

Typing up this post on my new Macbook ProIt’s the first official post from my mac!

I got the 13″ Macbook Pro and it’s amazing so far.

I can’t even express in words how far superior it is to my last computer…I’ve completely gone to the dark side. I can already feel myself becoming obsessed with Mac stuff that I never previously thought I needed. Maybe this thing is controlling my mind, but I don’t care because it works about 1 billion times faster than my poor dead HP.

Don’t get me wrong, that HP Pavilion laptop lasted me a long time and was a really good computer. It just got to the point where there was cat hair everywhere, the batter had totally died (if you unplugged it the computer went dead) and it took about 10 minute to open up one e-mail. Up until this summer, though, it was working like new after four years of heavy use.

I still haven’t tried out everything on my new Mac, but I have tried the iPhoto which I love! Also like the calendar and how you can sync it with other apple products, like an iPod.

So far, I’m liking Leopard and Safari, too. The Leopard operating system reminds me of when I had Mrs. Leopard in the fourth grade and my mom said, “Well, she can’t be that bad — she’s named after a cat.” She was pretty cool.

There are literally and absolutely no complaints here yet. Which is saying something because I can almost always find something to complain about just a little; Wesley will tell you.

The only problems are me not being used to it, which has been changing pretty quickly anyway. Hardest parts for me: there only being one button for delete and backspace because I keep hitting delete expecting it to remove the letter to the right of the cursor and it instead does a backspace. Also, the home and end keys, but there is a simple shortcut that can do it on the Mac — I just have to remember it.

I also really love the new trackpads — I think this is the first generation of Macbooks to have them. It makes me feel like God because I can do anything with just the slightest movement of my fingertips — whether I wanted to or not.

Besides work, the only other thing really distracting me from completely figuring out my new computer is Christmas shopping (almost done!) and this new book that my boss and his wife told me about: Beautiful Creatures. It’s like candy for my brain — sweet, mushy candy. It’s pretty much Twilight except it has witches instead, but it’s still pretty addictive. Warner Bros. has already signed a movie deal with the authors even though it’s only the first of a four book series and the book hadn’t even come out yet at the time. I’ve heard rumor that it’s supposed to take the place of the Harry Potter franchise once all of the movies have been made by 2011.


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