King’s Day | Twelfth Night

Phunny Phorty Phellows ride by on the street car to kick off Carnival season on King's Day (aka. Twelfth Night)


I went to my first official Muse gathering and it was great. I got to have some of the best King Cake in town (from Manny Randazzo’s Bakery in Metairie). If you’re new in town or have never had King Cake before — you’ve got to try the cake from this place. It was so good!

We also got to see the Phorty Phunny Phellows ride by on the St. Charles streetcar to kick off the Carnival season. Personally, I think they were a little less excited than they should have been, but I’m sure it had been a long ride by the time they made it to us.


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  1. Tina Jo Ellingson

    We have an uncle by marriage named Tom Randazzo who was married to your Grandfather’s sister. He lives north of Morgan City, LA – wonder if there is any relation…

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