So happy together…

Kitten and Scoop

Kitten ♥ Scoop

I got Scoop for Christmas from my aunt Terry and he has desperately needed a place in my house since then.

Because of Scoop’s delicate condition (he’s very fragile), I didn’t want to put him on my floor where there would basically be nothing between him and the elements thanks to my lack of insulation.

However, none of my furniture that had room was deep enough for him to not hang off of the edge.

So, since I have been needing a new bookshelf anyway, I decided to get a new one for him and my growing collection of books.

Scoop's new home

How is my collection growing so far? Christmas. And sales. Evil, evil, wonderful sales. Recent additions to my new bookshelf: The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Wells), The Boleyn Inheritance (Gregory), The Lonely Hearts Club (Eulberg), What the Dog Saw (Gladwell) and A Truth Universally Acknowledged (a collection of essays from multiple people).

I’m currently reading The Good Thief (Tinti), if you were wondering. I’ll be posting a review of it on Cross-Country Readers soon — look on my Tweets to see when.


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