Kitten is so adorable

Kitten hiding under a pillow like when she was a baby

This is just a quick post to point out how amazingly cute my Kitten is (and also how photogenic!).

She often does things that just make Wesley and I gasp because they’re so adorable that we didn’t think that level of cuteness existed. However, most of the time I don’t get to capture those moments on film because Kitten is camera-shy.

But tonight has been the warmest night in a few weeks in Nola, with a low of a toasty 37F. So, we didn’t turn the heater all the way up.

Well, Kitten has been roasting herself the past few weeks by laying for hours directly in front of our very hot gas heater. I’m actually kind of concerned about it because she definitely gets hot and doesn’t seem to mind while Wesley and I are across the room sweating…

Anyway, in either an attempt to get warm tonight or to revert back to something she did as a baby kitten, she decided to try to crawl under a rather small floor pillow I have. She’s not fat, but she’s an adult cat now and her body lifted the entire pillow off of the ground! It was still super cute.




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2 responses to “Kitten is so adorable

  1. michael

    the cutest picture ever.

  2. Sam

    Kitten is 4th in line for being the cutest kitten ever… behind my kitten, lacy, and ginger. lol.

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