Status update

Explaining my bad, stressful day on Tuesday would be boring for you and stressful for me. So to sum it up, here are the morals of yesterday:

  • No more packing my own lunches – it ends badly.
  • Don’t eat purple food while wearing a white shirt – part of why lunch ended badly.
  • Trust Google’s directions over my coworkers – Google’s always right.
  • Wesley’s “just five more minutes” = actually 35 more minutes.
  • Don’t trust people to make plans when they have cancelled on you in the past.
  • And finally, own a sharp knife to wrestle down unwanted local election campaign posters that are fastened to my home while I’m gone.

On the up side, yesterday is over.

Today was much better – much less unwanted excitement. And I got to have my regular Subway sandwich and cookie for lunch.

I also signed up for a lot of volunteer opportunities with the Muses, so I’m really excited to meet more members in the coming weeks.

I’m also happy that Stacey will be joining me at the great aMUSEment party after the parade on Feb. 11. The B-52s will be there and also some locally famous DJ who does a light show – not to mention free food and an open bar.

Only one more week until all the Muses stuff and the first few Mardi Gras parades begin!

On a side note, I watched the new show Life Unexpected on Monday and was pleasantly surprised. I completely agree with this review I found online. Worth the watch, especially if next week’s is supposed to be even better than the premier.

I also found a gym that I can actually afford and that offers what I want. I conveniently wrote an article for work about how to pick the right gym and was able to research a couple of locations in the area. Anytime Fitness has over 1,000 locations, including one by my work and another by my apartment, that members can go to free of charge. It also offers group fitness classes, like one that combines yoga, Pilates and tai chi.


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