Sports success follows me wherever I go

The four years that I lived in Gainesville were, arguably, the best four years of the university’s sports program’s history.

Two football national championships and two basketball national championships in four years. Plus, we were the first school ever to hold the football and basketball national titles at the same time.

It was amazing.

Remi Ayodele #92

Now, it’s my first year in New Orleans and the Saints are going to the Superbowl for the first time.

My favorite play of the game is one that most people wouldn’t pick. I was so excited to see Remi Ayodele (#92) recover a fumble. Watch the video of the recovery.

I mean, defensive tackle players hardly ever get the “hero” plays like that and I just know that recovery probably made this game for him. I’m so excited for him!

Starting the search for a jersey with his name on the back now…


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One response to “Sports success follows me wherever I go

  1. Cynthia

    It’s so true!! You are like a super good luck charm or something!! 🙂 I think I might be bad luck, lol! Rice did win their bowl game my senior year…but other than that high point, most athletics stuff was pretty sad. IU is definitely better than Rice, but we still lose all the time.

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