Who Dat Nation says yeah!

Courtesy of JaseMan, flickr.comIf you live in New Orleans, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing a Saints song these days.

Most of them are rap songs, but there’s a newer one that is a parody of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.”

My favorite verse:

“And the Who Dat song was on, the Who Dat song was oooon… so I throw my hands up, they’re playing my song… noddin’ my head like yeah! Who Dat Nation says yeah!”

Some of my other favorites are Baby Boy Da Prince’s song, “My Town” and the unofficial Saints theme song that plays at half-time. My only complaint about that last one is that it’s so common here that the DJs play it in the background while they talk and never actually just play the song. I wait in vain every time…

Another popular these days: Will Smith’s “Miami”, for obvious reasons…

I also got my first Saints t-shirt and while I’m not too happy with the grammatically-challenged Saints battle cry, I love my new “Who Dat” shirt.

There’s also a lot of controversy going on now about the “Who Dat” phrase. The NFL was trying to claim rights for the phrase. However, it looks like the locals have won this one.

Another recent issue for Saints fans is the Super Bowl rules.

First off, the Miami police are not allowing tailgating in the stadium parking lot before, during or after the game.

Another culture shock for fans will be the open-container laws that are non-existent here in Nola.

Yet another shocker: out of 13,000 season ticket holders, only 4,000 will get the chance to buy an $800 Super Bowl ticket in a weighted lottery. The Saints said today that they will be announcing an additional 600 winners, but still… That’s not a high percentage.

Regardless of all the negatives, everyone here is as excited as Mardi Gras, if not more.


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