Wesley’s first Mardi Gras: Krewe du Vieux

Krewe du Vieux 2010This year is Wesley’s first Mardi Gras ever! I’ve celebrated Mardi Gras my entire life, either in Pensacola or Mobile – where the Carnival was actually first celebrated in the U.S. in 1703.

Wesley and I went down to the Quarter for Krewe du Vieux‘s parade on Saturday night to celebrate.

It was a great way to kick off the season.

It was kind of short compared to others I’ve been to in the Quarter, but that ended up being a good thing since the weather was in the 30s and the wind was blowing. We actually had to leave and get a hot chocolate during the parade because our hands hurt too bad to grip the beads and the camera.

Krewe du Vieux lootWe did see one woman with a Miami Dolphins jersey on during the parade, so we stopped her and I told her we were from Florida and she gave us special dolphin beads and a little football.

Basically, I showed Wesley how it’s done.

On Saturday morning, I went to my first bead distribution for the Krewe of Muses. It was definitely a great place to meet people and see all the merchandise – especially clothes. I finally got a Muses shirt and I’m going back today to volunteer at the members-only float viewing!


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