Mardi Gras is officially over

After 13 parades, a weekend of nine people staying in our one-bedroom apartment and more drinking than I’ve done since I left Gainesville — I can no longer stand up and get crunk.

And unfortunately I have to agree with my friend Eric when he said, “If I never hear the phrase ‘Who Dat’ again it will be too soon.”

Despite being extremely exhausted, it was a great weekend and Carnival season.

I went to 13 parades: krewes of du Vieux, Excalibur, Atlas, Pontchartrain, Shangri-la, Hermes, d’Etat, Morpheus, Muses, Tucks, Endymion, Rex and Elks Orleans.

In the middle of all those was also the Saints’ Super Bowl win, the aMUSEment party and my nine friends.

My favorite parade by far was the Krewe of Muses. Now, I may be a little biased as a member, but as a professional trained in having objective opinions I have to say that they had the most unique floats and best and most diverse throws. My friend Stacey and I caught five shoes, a coveted horseshoe, great big beads and even some “blinkies.”


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