Ima Ima Ima Bee

Hornets vs. Magic | Feb. 26, 2010

Ima Bee Ima Bee Ima Ima Ima Bee Bee Bee Bee Ima Ima Bee

(In case you couldn’t get the Black Eyed Peas reference from the title…)

We went to the Hornets vs. Magic game last night for both me and Wesley’s very first NBA game.

It was life on ESPN, although I don’t think we got on TV. However, a guy near us won the Capital One contest.

I’m not a huge basketball fan – these tickets were my Valentine’s gift to Wesley – but I did enjoy the entertainment during the commercial breaks.

I was most impressed with the Jackson Square Jumpers. I’m very disappointed to find that I can’t find any information on them online. They were a jump-rope group that was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Anyone know where I can find information on them?

For someone who doesn’t like basketball too much, the game was pretty exciting. After the Magic led by 17 points, the Hornets came back to win by 7 – they were even leading by more than 10 at one point!

The Hornets also have their version of Dazzlers, called the Honeybees. If you know me, you know how much I dislike the Dazzlers dance team at UF and you’ll know my reasons. These Honeybees had similar qualities that I didn’t like, but at least they definitely had some dance training – I saw a few pirouettes mixed in with all the floor and air humping.

They also had the “Used-to-Bees” which was a group of retired Honeybee dancers. They danced to the SNL song “I’m on a boat” and it was pretty funny.

The game was definitely a great way to spend a Friday night and getting there and back on the streetcar was less of a headache than I thought it would.


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