First off, I would like to throw my picks for the Oscars out there; if you like ’em you can take ’em, if you don’t you can throw them right back. I’m not picking in every category because there’s a few things I feel that I’m not informed enough to choose. Here we go:

Best Picture: Avatar

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, the Blind Side

Best Supporting Actress: Mo’nique, Precious

Best Animated Film: Coraline

Best Adapted Screenplay: District 9

Best Makeup: Star Trek (in that they hit the original really well)

Best Film Editing: Avatar (didn’t it take Cameron like 4 years to edit all that film? That’s dedication.)

If you don’t like my picks, print out your own ballot and vote before watching this Sunday!

On a side note, I thought it was interesting that the Princess and the Frog has two songs up for “Best Original Song.” I’m not an avid Oscar watcher – in fact this will probably be the first year I’ll watch them all the way through – but I’m wondering, does this happen often? Or is this something special? Either way, I need to see this movie.

Backing up a little – let me tell you why I’ll be watching the whole show this year. The Prytania Theatre near my house is showing them on the big screen and for $25 you get to join the fun with a bunch of locals, fill out your mock ballots, eat and be merry!



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2 responses to “Oscars

  1. Jamille

    Great pics, mostly because i agree with all of them. Watching at the Prytania sounds fun! I’m envious! Love you! xo

  2. Cynthia

    Princess and The Frog was super cute!! And the music was good!!!

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