My Nook and its case being photogenic

I love to read, but I’m really running out of room in this little apartment for all of the books that I buy. So, I got a Nook from Barnes & Noble.

I am very sad about not having a book in my hand because, all readers know, that’s part of the happiness of reading a book. But, until I have a library in my house this is the best option – as opposed to boxes and boxes of books in storage or 50 bookshelves in my one-bedroom apartment.

I like it a lot so far – although I did have this altercation at the B&N recently while buying a case for my Nook:

Random large woman – [looking at me holding my Nook] “Did you buy that already?”

Me – “Yes.”

Random large woman – [sarcastically] “I’m sorry.”

Me – “I’m not; I love it.”

Random large woman – “Well, I don’t. I hate that thing. It’s awful and I feel sorry for you.”

Me – “Well, I didn’t ask your opinion, did I?”

Store clerk – [trying to diffuse situation] “Um…well, ya know, it’s not for everyone. Some people like it and some don’t, I guess…”

Random large woman – “Well I DON’T.”

Store clerk and me – [less than amused] “Clearly.” [look at each other in disgust over large woman’s rudeness, begin to ignore her until she walks away; curtain.]

Besides that, I haven’t had any problems. I even downloaded some free books off of GoodReads that work great on my Nook.

To be fair, though, I have heard about the buttons cracking on it. It doesn’t make it not work, just less aesthetically pleasing. Apparently this becomes a problem after reading about 3,000 pages, average. But, you can also turn the page by swiping your finger across the touch screen, thus eliminating the problem.

The best part about the Nook for me is how much cheaper books are for it. Every book I’ve bought has been at least $10 cheaper than the shelf price. In just a few books it will have paid for itself. Definitely worth the investment. And like I said about GoodReads, B&N also offers some free books online and when you take your Nook into the store there is more free stuff.

Nook with color screen turned on

I’ve had a few people ask me why I chose the Nook over Amazon’s Kindle. For one, I love Barnes and Noble more than Amazon and just wanted to support them. Two, I think it looks nicer – I’m not a fan of the huge, full keyboard on the Kindle. And part of that nicer looks is the Nook’s full-color touch screen.

Check out this cnet comparison to see the differences and similarities for yourself.

I can understand why some ignorant people who hadn’t researched the product well might dislike their purchase. It can be slow – but that’s to be expected with any e-reader, and you can find that information at any tech review site. The technology’s still new, so I was expecting that. Plus, it’s not like you need to the pages to turn every .0005 seconds. And it still downloads books from its built-in and free wifi/3G network in less than a minute.

I’ll keep this updated of any problems that may or may not arise in the future, but for now I’m very satisfied with my purchase.


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