Taking a day off

So, after an awful week at work and a few months of stress for Wesley, he decided to take a day off from law school.

No talking, thinking or doing anything for law school today.

It was great.

We went to the Arts Market, which was completely amazing. I want to go back every month!

Art on the back o Alan Zakem's business card

My favorite artists were Juliette Hare O’Connor who does mixed-media art specializing in the Nola cemeteries and Storyville Women and Alan Zakem who does amazing photography of the French Quarter areas and the streetcar.

But my absolute favorite tent at the market was Lone Wolf Woodworks. Dan Finerman creates postal banks – penny banks made out of exotic woods and authentic post office box doors. Some of the doors date all the way back to the 1890s — but they’re all amazing.

Lone Wolf Woodworks by Dan Finerman

After the Arts Market, we headed to the theater to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It was funnier than I thought it would be.

Later on we headed to Magazine Street to explore. We got some desserts for later at Sucre that were uh-mazing.

Now I’m just looking forward to doing laundry (and therefore having clean clothes), washing my car and starting to read The Tao of Pooh for book club tomorrow. I may also head to Target!


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