Back in time

I learned a little bit about genealogy this week, inadvertently through my work.

I learned about using libraries and courthouses and school board offices to find out about relatives.

But luckily, I’m a step ahead. I was already interested in my family history and have a lot of my family records from a previous genealogy report that a great-aunt did.

So, today I logged on to where a free online family tree is offered. I researched a little and found that the subscription services at the site is amazing and could really help me dig deeper, but it also costs about $20/month and if you want more than one month you have to pay in one lump sum.

Here’s my plan: Use the free family tree to fill in as much as I know and then buy only one month and check out all the leads that the site gives me.

I started today and already I have nine generations tracked and over 70 people. Without any help, just the records from my great-aunt and grandmother, I have already found out that I have a direct relative who was in the War of 1812.

Downsides include not being able to see the entire family tree at one time and tedious data entry. But it’s still super helpful and I can’t wait to get the one-month membership to see if my tree gets filled in any more.


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