Roller Derby!

On Saturday I saw my first roller derby! It was the Big Easy Rollergirls vs. the Hard Knox from Knoxville. Unfortunately the Hard Knox won by about 70 points – an unusually bad lose for Nola from what I’ve heard.

It was really hard to get a good picture since the skaters were going so fast and this would have given me a chance to try out my first in-blog video, however my camera takes .AVI files and WordPress doesn’t accept that unless you buy the upgrade. Lame.

But you can watch the Big Easy Rollergirls here.

Anyway, what I learned about roller derby from my first “bout:”

  • The skaters with the stars on their helmets are the only ones who can score, everybody else is defense or offense.
  • They get a point for every time they pass someone without fouling.
  • These girls are brutal – elbowing, butt shoving, pulling, the list goes on…

Going to the derby also got me thinking about that new(er) movie that came out called Whip It with Ellen Page. I asked someone I know how they thought it was and they said it was really good so I went and picked it up and am going to watch it tonight. I’m double excited for it because it’s Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut – I might actually watch the “making of” special features for once!



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2 responses to “Roller Derby!

  1. Jamille

    I loved Whip It… what did you think of it?

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