My genealogy obsession

Arminta Daniel Manning, my GGG grandmother

I started learning about my family history two years ago.

At that time, I was taking a class at UF about online journalism – it was actually the class where I learned about blogging. I also learned how to make a slideshow of pictures with audio in the background.

I used that to do a genealogy project with my grandmother – an idea that members of my family have thrown around for years.

I recorded hours of audio of my grandma talking about our relatives, stories and family lore. Then, we spent hours going through every picture she had.

In the end, we had an hour-long dvd of a slideshow of pictures with my grandma explaining each picture and telling stories about the people in them.

It was really a lovely project and now my descendants will be able to hear about our family history from my grandmother, just like I did.

Since I finished the dvd, I’ve been working on putting together a family tree.

About two months ago, I got all of the written history that my family had from my grandma. I got a free account at and plugged in everything we had.

Then, I bought the subscription for the U.S. records on the Web site.

Within the first night, I had traced three lines of my family back to England and found a long-lost third cousin.

On Mother’s Day weekend, my mom, grandma and I are going to go to my grandfather’s family cemetery to take some pictures of my ancestors’ graves so I can plug their names into the family tree.


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