Black Thursday

Today can be called black for many reasons. As a personal reason, I had to call the cops on my awful neighbor yesterday and she flat-out lied to the police right in front of me. She is literally psychotic. And I am not the kind of person who can just let something like that go. So all day today I have been fuming over it. All night last night I fumed over it – instead of sleeping. I know I should just let it go, but I just don’t think I’m capable. The only comfort I have is that she is so crazy that I really believe she may go to some sort of mental institution soon. Maybe I’ll even get to see them take her away. That’s a nice thought.

Beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach, pre-BP oil spill

Also, the black oil spilling into the gulf thanks to BP is scheduled to hit Pensacola Beach very soon. I don’t know how we’ve been lucky enough to not have it wash ashore yet, but unfortunately our luck is about to run out. It’s just the most helpless feeling in the world that we have to see images like this at all (these are the latest photos and they are truly sickening) – and it makes me sick to my stomach that we could be seeing them on Pensacola Beach in the coming weeks or months. I don’t think I’ve ever had more hate than I have for the oil industry right now. If I could ride to work on a bike I would – and that’s saying something because I’m seriously athletically challenged.

On a totally different note, I started watching a new show last week: Drop Dead Diva. It’s a pretty feel-good girly show that is great for passing the time. And I think a new season is starting next week.


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