New Orleans Botanical Garden at City Park

On Saturday, Wesley and I visited the New Orleans Botanical Garden and the City Park Sculpture Garden.

The botanical garden was a lot bigger then I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a bunch of beautiful buildings to enjoy. I was unpleasantly surprised to find the lack of shade throughout the entire garden. But it was still a nice walk-around, despite nearly passing out from the heat.

My favorite part was the edible garden in the back. I’ve been to botanical gardens before but this is the first time I’ve seen edible plants in one.

Train Garden | New Orleans Botanical Garden

We also really enjoyed the train garden, complete with a bunch of model trains that were running around a mock-up of old New Orleans. There were also models of old houses on the set that were made out of all-natural materials, like mud and leaves.

After we sloshed our way out of the botanical garden in our sweat-drenched clothes, we walked next door to the sculpture garden.

Sculpture at NOMA Sculpture Garden

I have never been to a sculpture garden before and I was pretty impressed with this one. The artwork was varied as far as genre and medium and represented both local culture and more modern ideas.

Wesley’s favorite was a wooden horse sculpture. The piece that stood out the most was a giant blue safety pin.

The ambiance of the sculpture garden was also nicer than the botanical gardens in that there was a breeze it was actually a lot more shady. There were also little walking bridges over the stream that runs through City Park.


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