Brew and avocados

Today, Wesley and I went to the Abita Brewery in Abita Springs. It was my first time on the North Shore and a first for both of us visiting a brewery.

It wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. The hour-long tour with beer tasting was more like unlimited free beer for an hour with a 5-minute tour stuck in the middle.

It was cool because we got to choose from about 10 different beers that they make and we could have as much of as many as we wanted. We both walked away with the same favorite, though: Purple Haze.

Purple Haze is a wheat beer that Abita adds raspberry puree to after filtering. It gives it more of a purplish color (really just a darker beer color). I already like wheat beer way more than regular, but I was surprised that Wesley chose this one too.

The wall of beer taps where we got our free Solo-cup-sized "samples"

The factory tour was cool, but not much of the big factory we were expecting. Abita is a surprisingly small operation. They said that since the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, they are pretty much out of beer in their stock room and have just been shipping out as it’s made.

We also learned an interesting fact during their mandatory screening of a video about their “green” practices. Apparently, the fourth quality ingredient in making Abita beer is their diligent workers. None of the beers tasted much like people, but they’re the brewers, not me.

After the brewery, we attempted to go to the Abita Pub down the street for lunch to get the full experience but found it to have a very limited, over-priced menu. It seemed like a tourist trap.

Unfortunately we decided to eat at Red Lobster on the way home instead. If you know me, you know that I l-o-v-e Red Lobster, no matter what anyone else says. But we had a very bad server today who decided to tell us that we could not have our biscuits until we ordered because apparently she thought we were going to eat the free food and run. Her attitude didn’t help. I had to speak to the manager a-la-my mom, but we got a new table and server and went about our wonderful biscuits.

Later in the afternoon at Target, we decided to go ahead and get a bigger pot for my banana plant that has been outgrowing its living quarters for months now. But it’s completely impossible to go to Target and only get what you went for, so we ended up with a larger banana pot, another pot for some seeds that we also bought and two bags of dirt. Don’t judge us.

Replanting my surprise oak tree

The purchases were brought on by a sudden affinity of mine for gardening. I have always had a black thumb, but apparently my dad’s genes have kicked in and it has suddenly become green (knock on wood). I actually ate an avocado, put the bulb in a pot with dirt and it grew! It grew without me hardly doing anything! I was so pleased that it made me think of my banana plant, thus the shopping spree.

So, in about two weeks I should hopefully be nursing about six pots full of assorted pretty flowers, hummingbird flowers, two different types of sunflowers, an avocado tree, a random oak tree that decided it liked one of my pots and decided to start growing there, and my banana plant.

Wish me luck!


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