The good and the bad/ugly

My baby sunflower surrounded by other baby flowers

First, the good.

I can grow things! Despite having a black thumb my entire life, it has suddenly turned green.

I took a “gardening and you” class for fun last spring, but it pretty much only entailed the teacher giving away free plants during each class. So, by the end of it I had about 10 free plants to keep alive. It went well for a while and I thought my luck was changing. But sure enough, a few months later they started to die, become infested with aphids and only four survived: my banana plants, my basil and my bell pepper plant.

Well, one winter later, only one banana tree lives…but it is getting pretty big and healthy.

Last month, I read an article about healthy snacks and avocados were the no. 1 ingredient that I saw — so of course I went on an avocado kick. Well, after eating one I realized I didn’t like them plain, but I saved the core and planted in an empty pot I had. Last week, it grew. I am so impressed with myself I can’t even express it.

So to celebrate, Wesley and I bought some new pots and dirt and seeds. We planted them on Sunday and this morning when I woke up, so did all of the seeds. There are now a bunch of new baby sunflowers popping up.

Alright, time for the bad/ugly.

Pensacola Beach on June 23, 2010

Heavy oil hit Pensacola Beach this morning. I don’t really know what else to say. It’s just so shocking and devastatingly heartbreaking that all I can do is try to forget. I know that’s the wrong thing to do, but I can’t handle thinking about oil covering that beach – covering my beach – my dad’s beach. This will be a breaking point. I hope. A turning point in the struggle to turn to alternative energy and in President Obama’s administration. I have a lot of faith in him and I hope he can stay true to his campaign promises and make renewable energy happen – starting now. I hope that other people all over the country will be stronger than me and think about this oil spill every day. I hope they will blog about it, talk about it and make decisions based around it. This spill has affected me in an irreversible way and I hope it will do the same for everyone else.


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  1. Don’t worry too much about the black thumb thing. It comes and goes. Its sad about the oil. But there remains so much to do in these affected states. Promote that too!

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