Yoga and back pain

Last Friday, I went to my first yoga class at Wild Lotus in Uptown. I have taken a yoga/Pilates class before in New Orleans, but this was different.

I have been having a new type of back pain over the past month – a sharp, constant pain just towards my spine from my left shoulder-blade.

I have tried to stretch my arms and upper body in every way possible to try to figure out what muscles could be causing this new pain, but with no success. I also tried putting a box under my desk at work to rest my feet on because my mom (a registered nurse) said that my feet not being flat on the ground could cause the pain – so far no affects from that. I even took some muscle relaxers and ibuprofen for several days in a row with no effect. On Friday, I became desperate, calling my doctor to make another appointment, but apparently she has decided that it’s not only okay to make me wait two hours for my appointment (like the last time I went) but that she also does not like working on Thursdays or Fridays. As I can’t really leave work early on any other day to make an appointment and am generally fed up with her, I called four other offices looking for a new doctor. These were offices recommended to me by friend, but two were not accepting new patients and two couldn’t see me until late July or August.

So, I found myself desperate with few options.

I looked around for alternative methods of dealing with the pain, originally determined to find some supplement to knock it out. What I came across was Restorative Yoga. It’s a type of yoga that focuses on releasing energy from muscles and deep relaxation. I looked around at different yoga studios in New Orleans and found that a class was offered Friday afternoon at Wild Lotus Yoga, which I have heard really great things about.

I signed up on-line and the office staff was very helpful when I had operator errors with their Web site (ie. I apparently don’t know how to use a computer).

I went to Target and got a yoga mat on my way home and headed to the class. It started with the instructor coming around and introducing herself and welcoming everyone individually to the class. Then, she offered everyone a few drops of lavender oil to rub between our hands because she said the smell is relaxing – it was alright, but I’ve never really been one to be relaxed by smells, I think I’m too high-strung for it to be that easy. The whole class focused on holding easy, relaxing yoga poses using props so that you put forth as little effort as possible – this was my kind of yoga. The class was easy and I felt really relaxed at the end. The only problem I really had was that being…well endowed…made a few of the poses where you lay flat on your chest kind of uncomfortable. I was able to help it a little with a pillow. Since I signed up for next week’s class, I plan to ask the instructor about it beforehand.

At the end of the class, I kind of felt like I had just paid $14 for an hour and a half of quiet time, but it still seemed worth it. It was just a really peaceful place for me to think about the past week – a kind of quite space that I can’t really get at home thanks to our thin walls that make it easy to hear traffic, passers-by, and (as of late) some sexually active neighbors. But that’s a whole different blog post…

Like I already mentioned, I signed up for next week’s class and my sharp, new back pain actually was gone for almost 24 whole hours. I also liked this place a lot more than other studios I have been to – it felt more homey. Both the staff and the atmosphere in the room made me feel more like I was doing yoga with a friend at their house than at a public studio.

Aside from that, quick update on my plant-growing abilities:


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