Best legs in New Orleans

The annual Mr. Legs competition, a benefit for Bridge House in New Orleans, was this weekend.

When we bought our tickets, we didn’t really know what we had gotten ourselves into. But we quickly found out that the Mr. Legs competition is a drag contest.

I was really excited about seeing John Goodman, a celebrity judge at the event and my first Nola celebrity sighting. Unfortunately, once we got there the place was so packed (and I was so short) that I couldn’t see the stage, much less the judges sitting along the bottom of it. And apparently Goodman booked it afterwards, because despite walking around and going upstairs to overlook the entire party, he was nowhere to be found during the rest of the event, including the unveiling of the 2010 Mr. Legs. Maybe I just didn’t see him, but we were looking…hard.

It was pretty disappointing. My mom always says when garage saling that you can visit 10 garage sales and not find anything but once you find that one item to buy, even if it’s only 5 cents, it breaks the “spell” and you will find a lot. I was really hoping Goodman would break my celebrity sighting “spell” and I would start seeing them everywhere!

But we still had a great time. We put our ticket money towards the contestant dressed as Lady Gaga.

Some of the other costumes were: I’m On A Boat guy, Al Gore, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Palin, Saints whistle and Austin Powers.

All-in-all it was a really fun night and the money was for a good cause. Enjoy my slideshow below!

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