East Coast Girls

Pensacola Beach

I was jogging today and thinking about how much I miss living in Florida. Not that New Orleans hasn’t been great so far, but Florida is just more….just more.

I’m not really sure what exactly it is that makes me love Florida so much more than New Orleans. (I keep saying New Orleans, not Louisiana, because I definitely dislike the state of La. as a whole. The only good part is the greater Nola area.)

Anyone who lives in Florida knows what it’s like to be taking a walk and feeling a breeze blow across you that smells salty because the ocean is never too far away. And even when it smells like rain, you know it will only last for a little while. It’s always humid there, but it’s not as heavy because it’s broken up by the breeze.

In New Orleans, there’s definitely more to do than in almost any city in Florida (save Miami, maybe) and more of a history, but the air is thicker. When a breeze (rarely) blows by, all you smell is the heavy humidity – because the only time it’s breezy is when it’s about to rain heavily. In Florida, you can go to another happening town usually in about 1-3 hours, depending on where you want to go. The point is: you can get out of town for the day to somewhere that seems more exotic or interesting than where you live. The greater New Orleans area is definitely the main attraction in Louisiana – why would you go anywhere else?

Wesley and I often talk about the places we would/would not mind living at some point in the future. The highlights are San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Albuquerque, Chicago, D.C. and New York (Ugh).

But Atlanta and Miami are always tossed around because they are so much closer to our families in Florida – or really just closer to Florida.

Anyone who knows me knows that the beach and I are close. But I realized while talking about California that it’s not just any beach that I like, it’s specifically Florida panhandle beaches. I think everyone who grows up on the panhandle is ridiculously spoiled and it kind of makes us….what’s a better word than snobby? I know that I’m the first one to call any other beach “dirty-looking.” But seriously, anyone who has been to Pensacola Beach knows that all other beaches are dirty!

Anyway, I keep telling Wesley that I am an East Coast girl and not psyched about ever living on the west coast. But recently I started loving that new song “California Girls.” Apparently I’m not the only one having trouble reconciling love for the East Coast and love of that song, so here you go East Coast girls.


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  1. I’ve traveled the world over gaining 14 countries on my passport and there is no other place I would rather live than in FL.

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